Our Vision

Our vision is to care for your core needs, the soul, of your business and to give you a breath of life through the services that we offer:

  • Fully personalised, high quality website designs – your webpages can be a powerful platform to promote your business;
  • Secure and reliable cloud servers, remote access, data storage and domain hosting;
  • Business advise on how to use the “cloud” to maximise your online presence and usage.

At Business Soul Cloud we make an effort to care for your business every day.

Our History

Business Soul Cloud was founded in 2007 by Sheldon Conway.

Why the name Business Soul Cloud:

Business: Our strategy is to provide you with the digital backing to build and understand your business online.
Soul: is defined as the inner most being or core of a person. Soul is also defined as the first breath of life given to man by God. We at Business Soul Cloud are humbly offering a service to care for the core needs, the soul, of your business and we hope that we can be a breath of life to you and your business.
Cloud: Our priority is to provide efficient and effective online cloud services.

Our Position

Our head office is based in Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Our client base is spread throughout Southern Africa. Within South Africa we are servicing clients in most provinces.

Our Team

Sheldon and Cath Conway