Old computers

Windows XP was recently been made redundant. So there will no longer be security updates on the software. This has put bit of a damper on expectations of whether Microsoft can provide a long term solid platform to work from. Don’t be in a hurry to throw away old laptops and computers.

Why keep them?

Some will be saying but those laptops and desktops are so old, why keep them? With the move to Cloud computing these old computers are becoming useful. Programs hosted off the local computer free up substantial amounts of processing speed. The demand on old computers resources are substantially reduced. The old computer, with a simple internet connection becomes the champ again.

What about software updates?

The lack of Windows XP updates gives rise to exploration of the unknown world. We have discovered Linux and specifically Ubuntu. This product has proven to be easy to install and runs 95% of what we need. We then utilise this platform to link into our cloud services. The new lease on old computers has given us expanded ability to work.

Business strategy

We believe computing in the future will be very different from what we are used to today. Develop a business strategy to enhance solid cloud solutions. Think out of the box to how you can use your old computers to carry out this strategy.


If you are not using those old computers, think about sending them our way. We will happily set them up and donate them to schools that will use them.

Contact us if you would like to chat through this and get a few more ideas

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