Backupbank saved the day

Have you ever worried about what you would do if your harddrive backups did not work or even worse your server got stolen? Here is a success story of how backupbank helped a client to resolve a serious data loss problem.

A prominent and respectable attorney firm, recently had a staff member delete files and folders on the server by mistake. Added to their whose, the daily backup device failed the day before and so substantial amounts of data were lost. We have been running for a few months with our client and they urgently called to see if we could help.

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The client had very limited experience on how the Backupbank system worked. They were happy to run the product but were not very tech savy. Backupbank was installed and the OwnCloudTM technology has been running seamlessly and quietly in the background for months. The client by chance remembered that Backupbank may be able to help them in this situation.

Our team spoke with the IT technician, helping the firm, who at first was quite concerned about the product running on the server he was managing. We explained how the Backupbank product worked, synchronising files and folders to the cloud server, keeping the information up to date continuously. We further explained the benefits of version control and how Backupbank kept multiple copies of all files and even deleted files on the cloud. His initial fears subsided as he understood the capabilities of the product. He logged into and the client files were found in tact. They were quickly restored to the client server, allowing the attorney firm to continue operations.

Both the client and the IT technician have commented on how Backupbank saved the day. “What a great product. It really helped us. Without it we would have lost all our data. Thank goodness it was running.”

The IT technician commented “I really like the product. It took a while to download the substantial amount of data but I was able to restore everything.” and “The product is really good.” and “Wow that is cheap, he will definitely look more at it and see if he can recommend it to his other clients.”

Our team was glad to see the system working well and our client happy.

Remember is not the only backup solution you should implement. I am sure you will agree, the product is really worth having!

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