Proposal for Phased Economic Recovery

The following phased economic recovery plan for South Africa has been implemented:  Proposal for Phased Economic Recovery. From the 01 May 2020 phase 4 will be implemented.

The financial and professional services sector will open. I expect this will be accountants, attorneys, consulting engineers and other professional and consulting services.
The agricultural services will continue to operate with some expansion.
Mining, in particular, open cast mines can function at 100%.
Export markets will open and services related to these.
IT services will function.

This covers a number of areas in which our clients work. The presidents office will give further clarity to these sectors in the next few days. Please read the restrictions carefully and plan your business operations to protect the lives of your employees accordingly.

Phase three sees the opening of the Deeds Office and Masters office. This will bring welcome relief to a number of professional service industry businesses. Let us hope this happens in the next three weeks.

The president mentioned that it was important for industry sector bodies to communicate with government. Clients that are in the lower phases, should encourage there industry bodies to propose workable measures for your industry.

Remain positive and look for opportunities to help others and expand your business operations. This is a fresh start to push forward in your business. Remember that first day you started in business. It was exciting, nerve racking, with many questions and expectations. You are starting fresh in the next few weeks with mountains of knowledge and skills behind you. Use this next week as an opportunity to plan for all those changes and strategies you needed to implement. People need your help. Put your best foot forward.

In an effort to care for you and your business, we will be continuing operations and start implementing our return to office policy in a phased approach.

  • All staff will be required to wear masks;
  • All staff will be reporting daily on their health status and active steps will be implemented to maintain a healthy environment;
  • Staff will be practicing social distancing and sitting in different areas of the office;
  • Any clients attending the office must please maintain a distance of 2 metres from all other persons and practice all social distancing measures;
  • If you need to sign a document, please bring your own pen, sign and leave with the same pen;
  • Please clean your hands before touching documents;
  • Any documents left at our office can be delivered just inside the door. They will be left there for 48 hours before collection and processing;
  • As much as possible, we will continue with electronic communication and electronic documents and signatures to limit visits required to our office;
  • We continue to use the electronic services of SARS, which have been expanded;
  • In limited cases we will attend appointments at SARS and maintain social distancing; We will not be requesting the client to attend with us and will emphasise this with SARS until further phases have been implemented;
  • Business Soul Accounting will continue to care. So please let us know if you need help in any way. We are here to help.

Over the past month we have been assisting clients with TERS applications and Funding applications. If you are in urgent need of annual financial statements and or management accounts for these applications, please let us know.

We will then prioritise these sets.Stay strong and stay healthy. We continue to pray for all of you daily.

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